Locally Roasted. Locally Loved.


Ever wondered where your coffee comes from?
Guess what – we’re spilling the beans! Sharing all the details on our roaster, the roasting process, coffee bean sourcing methods and our immense pride in serving our local SA

It begins in our own backyard, Thebarton (SA), with local artisan coffee roaster Tony D’Angelo. Tony was born in South Australia to parents from the region of Benevento in Southern Italy. He grew up in a traditional Italian household, where coffee was part of everyday life.

As a young man he began his coffee discovery journey whilst travelling around the world with his parents, learning about the art of coffee, meeting roasters who would later mentor him and conducting many many tastings. Upon returning to Australia he was inspired to start his very own roastery, D’Angelo Coffee. The roastery is filled with premium beans sourced from around the world.

Our CIBO beans are sourced from three origins – Brazil, New Guinea and Indonesia. With each origin, Tony extensively samples and analyses the A grade quality green beans, adhering to certifications like UTZ & Rainforest Alliance. Beans are only purchased from farmers that are sustainable and ethical. Tony prides himself on the long lasting relationships he has built with these farmers, he sees them as an extension of his own family, regularly communicating with them. Throughout the COVID period he made several donations to healthcare facilities within their local communities to meet ongoing needs.

“There may be more to life than coffee, but I have yet to find it” – Tony D’Angelo, Artisan Coffee Roaster

Our roasting process explained…

Tony roasts our CIBO coffee beans for 13-14 minutes in a unique Probat Roasting Machine made in the 1960’s. It’s quite an old school and manual process where elements such as moisture, temperature and time must always be monitored to dictate the appropriate level of intensity in flavour.
Ultimately our beans are blended to deliver a bold and rich flavour reminiscent of a dark Italian coffee roast; carrying a sweet caramel and dark chocolate profile unique to other coffee blends.
Even with all the technology advancements of today, Tony believes it all comes down to creating coffee distinguished by character and intensity of flavour. “This is coffee roasted in true artisan fashion, using technology to guide us, but not control us. It is a unique blend of art and science.”

“I like to think of our customers like I’m inviting someone into my home. To serve up delicious food and drinks, entertain and make people feel warm and welcome is what I love” – CIBO store Owner

The CIBO Experience

Much like Tony D’Angelo, we take immense pride in our coffee and community. We are a network of small business owners that are like a family and we see our community like family too.

Our aim is to provide a place where you can gather with friends, on the go or at a table and enjoy a true authentic Italian cafe experience. Each of our baristas have a skill set designed to deliver a unique in-store experience each time you visit, and our beans are brewed in-store with the same care and craftsmanship they experience during the roasting process. From Thebarton to your cup, with every coffee expertly created, we know that immense passion is built into the process. It’s our privilege to bring a little piece of that passion into your day.