Coffee for a Cause - The Sammy D Foundation



As part of CIBO Espresso’s Share Amore initiative, we are spreading further love in the community by empowering The Sammy D foundation with awareness and support.

The Sammy D Foundation is a local SA charity focused on providing young people with the tools to make informed decisions in regards to alcohol, drugs and bullying.

50c from every Alto coffee will be donated to the foundation from Monday 25th to Sunday 31st October.


Where is the 50c donation going?
50c from the Alto Sized coffee you have purchased will be donated to the
Sammy D foundation who utilize this to develop a suite of evidence-based,
engaging, and effective, educational programs aimed at:
• preventing bullying and violence in schools, sporting clubs and the community
• educating young people about the harms associated with alcohol and other
drug use
• educating young people and their parents about how to hold safer parties
• educating parents about behavioural impact and positive role modelling for
their children.

Why has CIBO partnered with The Sammy D Foundation?
It has been a testing time for many, especially our youth who may not fully
understand the circumstances. At CIBO we believe in serving our local
communities with warmth, passion and integrity. We recognize
our corporate social responsibility and want to spotlight the amazing work The
Sammy D Foundation do across South Australia.

Does the 50c donation apply to all coffees?
No, it only applies to Alto Sized hot caffè coffees only, this way you can enjoy an
upsize that gives back!

Can I donate directly?
You can get additional information about the organisation’s work and donate
directly by visiting