Be Safe, Be Seen, Enjoy Free Caffeine


Motor Accident Commission – Media release

Are you a safe cyclist? The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) will be rewarding safe cycling behaviours over the next two weeks with free coffee!

Despite improvements in cycling related road trauma in the past five years, 2018 has seen a spike in the number of cyclists killed on South Australian roads.

The weather is warming up, our days are longer and brighter, but the need to take cycling safety seriously doesn’t change; especially as more cyclists use our roads and paths. To prevent complacency the MAC team will be on the look-out, rewarding cyclists for their safe cycling behaviours.

Matt Hanton, Motor Accident Commission (MAC) Road Safety Communications Manager said that we’ve already seen the loss of six cyclists on our roads to-date this year, an increase of five on 2017’s total of two.

“Our newest activation, in partnership with CIBO Espresso, will directly engage with cyclists to reward those displaying safe cycling behaviours and target increased awareness and further education of the importance of safe cycling behaviours,” said Mr Hanton.

“Cyclists are vulnerable, so it’s crucial that drivers are highly vigilant and aware of all road users and that cyclists employ safe behaviours; using flashing bike lights and wearing highly visible clothing, not sometimes, but at all times.”

Cain Cooke, General Manager, CIBO Espresso said that cycling and coffee go hand in hand, so what better way to encourage and reward safe cycling behaviours than with free coffee.

“CIBO Espresso is delighted to partner with MAC to reward cyclists displaying safe cycling behaviour on our roads. We encourage all cyclists to Be Safe Be Seen and enjoy a coffee on us throughout the campaign, giving us a great opportunity to further connect with our cycling community,” said Cain Cooke,

Over the next two weeks the MAC team will be on the look-out, rewarding cyclists displaying safe cycling behaviours with Be Safe Be Seen, Enjoy Free Caffeine free coffee vouchers.

“Engaging directly with our cyclists on their commute, is another way we are able to help increase awareness around the importance of being safe and seen, and help reduce road trauma to our cyclists,” said Mr Hanton.

If everyone takes responsibility for their behaviours on the road, we can prevent any further serious injury or loss of life.