The art of a perfect CIBO espresso

Our Coffee

Our unique Italian style blend is crafted from premium Arabica beans exclusive to CIBO Espresso. Grown on sustainable Rainforest Alliance farms in South America, Africa and Indonesia, these superior crops are harvested with the love of true artisans. Freshly roasted and ground in excellence, each bean contains the impeccable qualities that deliver a complex, rich and creamy espresso.

Nutrition Information


We’re fussy about quality. So much so that our commitment to consistency and quality has won us the following coffee accolades this past year.

SA Barista Championship 2014 (Adelaide)

Douglas Bolzon - 2nd place
Rupert Peake - 3rd place

Our coffee supplier, D’Angelo Coffee, supplied coffee to all three place winners in the Barista Championship. It's the best coffee in Adelaide!

Coffee Chain Challenge 2014 (Melbourne)

Ben Betelli - 3rd place

SA Latte Art Competition 2014 (Adelaide)

Tyson Kalz - 4th place